Fortis Release

Update: Fortis has moved to https://github.com/Fortis-Collection/fortis

Not too long ago I did a presentation at the London Sitecore User Group where I demonstrated something we had been working on at Lightmaker. That something was Fortis, a strongly typed model of the Sitecore API with some code generation to aid making the model.

The presentation and GitHub repositories are available for download;

Presentation – Power Point

Fortis core –  https://github.com/Lightmaker-UK/fortis

Fortis example website – https://github.com/Lightmaker-UK/fortis.example

Fortis example website with TDS code generation – https://github.com/Lightmaker-UK/fortis.example

In the coming weeks I’ll be covering some more topics regarding Fortis, most notably;

  • Sitecore MVC
  • Rendering Parameters
  • Pipelines
  • Events

Fortis will be gathering pace in the next few months!

Jason Bert