Tip: Style your items for the Sitecore content editor tree

A nice little, and perhaps less known, feature is the ability to style items for the content editor tree. This is a helpful way to differentiate items and potentially what their role or function is.

For example, in the image below, I’ve created a branch template to represent a basic content page,. Beneath that is an “Assets” folder, the idea is that content editor can put assets (e.g. small pieces of content) which are relevant to the page in this folder. To distinguish this item and let the content editor know it’s not a page we can style it up for the content tree.


In the image above I’ve used the “Tree node style” editor (Configure > Appearance > Tree node style) to style up the way the item looks in the content editor tree.


Here’s the end result when the items have been created, in all its glory :).


Jason Bert