CI/CD Presentation – Sitecore London User Group – January 2016


Thank you to everyone who turned out for the January 2016 London Sitecore user group. Also thanks goes out to Sitecore UK for organising and hosting the event, it was an excellent way to kick off 2016!

A quick recap of what was covered in the presentation

  • What is Continuous Integration & Delivery and why should we do it?
    • The process of building, testing and deploying an application and the intention of doing this with little to no manual intervention. It eases the burden on developers (and potentially non-developers) for pushing changes through different environments.
  • The Demo Stack:
    • Hedgehog Development’s Team Development for Sitecore – serialising Sitecore items into your repository and creating update packages.
    • Git – version control system being used.
    • TeamCity – build server to create the artifacts required for deployment.
    • ProGet – private NuGet feed for hosting the NuGet packages created by TeamCity.
    • Octopus Deploy¬†– manages the deployments to the different environments.
    • Fortis Collections’ Toolcore – small tools for enabling remote update package installation and publishing.
  • What can we improve?
    • Roll-back – introducing a roll-back mechanism to the process in case things go wrong.
    • Re-indexing – adding a step in the Octopus Deploy process for triggering a re-index after deployment.



Jason Bert